Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Topps 206 Retail Live- and odd

Hey guys, Drew back here. I would've posted this yesterday after watching the first break over at Stale Gum, and also Chris Olds posted a video and stole what I was going to say. 2010 Topps 206 is out, but not as well done as 2009 in my opinion. First, the good things is that the base cards are clean and nice. But then, we deal with these flaws:

- Crazy Mini Back cards (Polar Bear, American Caramels, Piedmont, Old Mill)

Do we really need all these? Allen & Ginter is different, but also, they could easily lose the A&G back and I'd be happier. If the card looks the same on the front, it's a pain in the butt on video to tell what cards have backs without having to pause and look at every mini.

- Retail Sticker Autos!!

Topps had it right last year with ALL on card autos. Maybe hobby will be on card, but this just looks plain ugly!!! In a vintage product, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO INCLUDE SEAN RODRIGUEZ AS AN AUTO, get him to sign the cards! This just looks ridiculous and may hold me back from buying any retail.


Now this is ridiculous! Maybe Upper Deck would have an excuse to have done something like this, but no, NOT TOPPS! They have an exclusive right to show players in their full uniforms, now what the heck is this? This is a remembrance of the original cards, sure, some guys didn't have hats on those but most did! Do we really want that card above? No, I didn't think so.

Unless I see an improvement in the hobby version, I'll delightfully pass on a box of this. Yuck! Will you buy this? If so, I'd love to know why. See Ya!

*Sorry Dayf for stealing your pictures, only ones I found so far!


  1. I've got a stake in a case break, so I'll be ending up with the Tigers from this set no matter what, but I'll say this. I was not impressed with 206 in 2009--I didn't think the set was very interesting or well done, with the exception of two things: The minis (I actually like the back varieties) and the on-card, framed autographs.

    IMO, the autograph cards were the nicest looking product subset of any kind released last year. This year, I'm even less impressed. I like the idea of the no hats (mimics the actual 206 cards, and gives some variety from all the other cards out there), but I'll need to see them in person to make a full assessment. What bothers me is the quality control issues with the mini cards and the sticker autographs. Surely, there are still on-card autos, but adding stickers to the product seems unnecessary and ill-conceived.

    I'll wait until I get this product in my hands, but my first take is the same as it was last year. 206 is a poor-mans A&G, and gets a "meh" from me, with just a few exceptions.

  2. I'm not a big 206 guy, I've mentioned it before on the blog. I appreciate the no-cap look as a tribute to the originals, but it's 2010 and I need my ballplayers wearing caps.

    All Dodgers and nothing else for me.

  3. I'm underwhelmed with them, and most of the cards that have been released this year. A&G was nice, Topps base was nice, but it really has been a boring year.

  4. Steal away, I'm very easygoing with my images.

    Topps206 had sticker autos last year too, they were on normal base-sized card though. IMO these look better. I'm also not 100% sure that these are retail only autos. I know the sticker autos in Bowman were retail only and just sort of assumed. I don't think hobby T206 is released until tomorrow actually...

    I've collected this set since 2002, I ain't quitting now.

  5. If people can't afford hobby, they shouldn't have to walk away with horrible sticker autos though! It's not really fair in a way. I'll definitely get the Yankees base and jerseys and stuff but not much else, doesn't look worth it to me.

  6. No sense in fighting against the stickers - they're here to say. But these particular sticker autos DO look nicer than anything else we've seen recently.

  7. I HATE STICKER AUTO'S! Why did companies start doing this? That card is great looking though.

  8. See, I guess I have different taste than you guys. I find that auto VERY ugly looking. I like the stickers that were used in Tristar OBAK, or any of the Upper Deck products. Thats why I've almost turned completely to on card autos, unless it's a Cano/Swisher auto, or a Tribute/Triple Threads card, the only ones I actually don't mind.


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