Friday, August 6, 2010

TTM #13- LUCKY 13!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here. My day was absolutely made today when I found my 2nd best TTM success (Yogi is #1) to date waiting for me. Check this bad boy out!

YES! PEYTON MANNING! Probably the most popular/famous player in the NFL today, took his personal time out to sign this card for me! And boy, does it look beautiful. I'm sure most of you know about Manning, 10 Pro Bowls, 4 MVP Awards, 2008 Super Bowl MVP, and the leader of the Colts in wins, touchdowns, pass attempts, pass completions, and passing yards. As far as all time, he's 3rd behind Favre and Marino in career passing touchdowns, and 4th in yards. Not too bad considering he's got a few more great years left.

Peyton sent the other card back unsigned, but thats most certainly ok. The card he did sign was from 2008 UD Football Heroes, and it looks better than this one would have looked! He also sent a little promo card for his charity, which I feel bad that I didn't send money to, but I really can't, savin all my cash for my big card show coming soon.

Overall, an unbelievable TTM success, from an unbelievable player. I will continue to support Peyton Manning throughout the rest of my life, and other than my boy Mark Sanchez, he may be my second favorite current quarterback. Thanks Peyton!

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  1. I got to do you get these autos? Do you write a blurb to the player? Do you send the card to the stadium? Let me know!!! Thanks


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