Friday, August 13, 2010

Swisher Problem

Hey guys, Drew back here. I haven't had much to post about right now, because I'm waiting for everything to come in. First, I'm going to a Yankees game next Tuesday night, my first ever night game, and it's against Detroit. The matchup, well, only CC Sabathia vs. Justin Verlander! How about that! Also, TriStar is sending me a hobby box of 2010 OBAK to review on the blog. Definitely will have a contest and I'll give away a lot of the content from the box! Lastly, I'm waiting on a bunch of Through the Mails and packages to post, and next Sunday is the card show. Talk about a sweet week to come! Anyway, the main point of this post is one minor problem I have with my Swisher collection:


I have OCD. Not major OCD, but I like to keep everything organized and I have my moments of being neat and precise and stuff like that. I'm not crazy, just I'm a neataholic! I wish I could post my box breaks, but they're really long, and Blogger doesn't like really long videos. You should see me in them, we make a base pile and every time we put a card put onto that pile, I have to straighten it out!


So when I saw these monstrosities, I thought, what do I do? Upper Deck Heroes is one heck of a product, but I have one complaint, and it's a big one. EVERY SWISHER AUTOGRAPH IN THE SET IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!

I can't think of a way to handle this. I want to get as many Swisher cards/autographs as possible, since he just may be my favorite player, but, if I bought these, I would go wild every time I see them! It's a shame really, because I probably would've tried to complete the entire set. Swisher's auto does look alien like and impossible to read, so I can see how they accidentally flipped the sticker the wrong way, BUT, wouldn't you notice something wrong? Really Upper Deck?

I need help. Help me. Thanks. See Ya!


  1. It amazes me what gets through the production line these days.

  2. I mean... I guess they probably should have googled his signature... but even then..

    Wow what a terrible signature.. how hard is it to make at least an N or an S legible? Athletes these days and their signatures.. sheesh.

  3. Maybe you should contact Upper Deck and tell them
    to send you a replacement for all your Swisher autos in that set. (Thats just a suggestion)

  4. Well I don't own any, but I kinda don't want any haha

  5. Oh oops and misread your post. I thought it said you bought them.

  6. mmm, don't you mean that you are going to give away ALL of the Obak cards? With having a sponsor brings great responsibility....


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