Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Question For You

If your house was on fire and you had to take one card, what would it be and why?

I know it's a horrible thing for something like that to happen, but basically all I'm trying to say is "What is the cornerstone of your collection, the one card that you would always try to keep. The card you show all people, collectors or non-collectors, that makes you feel proud every time you look at it?"

For me, although I bought the Derek Jeter jersey auto from Masterpieces and that is one of my favorite cards, this is my favorite card:

This is my 1956 Yankees Team Card. My Pop Popps gave it to me, which makes it completely awesome. This is one of the only cards in my collection that I drool over, a card that makes me happy. It has the faces of Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Phil Rizzuto, Billy Martin, Casey Stengel, and of course, Don Larsen, the year he pitched his perfect game in the World Series. The card sells low in bad condition but high in great condition, pretty sure it books from $150-250. My card is a little damaged but it's still really nice and it's never going anywhere.

So what is your card? Leave a comment below, and be sure to tell the stories. I'd love to hear them all. See Ya!


  1. I visited this topic (with a little bit larger parameters) about two years ago.

    One card, though, might have to be one of my Robin Yount 1/1's. Tough choice.

  2. My 1948 Bowman Yogi Berra rookie. No way I'd let that go up in smoke. I'd even let both my 1993 Jeter rookies burn, just to keep Yogi.

  3. Most certainly my 2009 Michael Phelps auto I pulled from Ginter last year. Watching him win all those gold medals on TV makes it that much more special to me.

  4. My Hunter Pence jersey/ticket stub card numbered to 10. Thats a gift from my dad, wouldnt ever let it burn.

  5. Well my top cards are in a box together so I'd grab that. It had my Michael Jordan auto, my George Brett auto, a 2007 Adrian Peterson National Treasures jumbo patch/auto and an Adrian Peterson Elite auto in it. I know it's not one card but I have it ready for quick and easy transport if need be!

  6. Awesome stories guys, sorry for taking the theme Thorzul, just thought like mixing it up!

  7. Mine would be the '92 SkyBox Plastic Dream Team card. not worth a ton monetarily, but I got that with my dad on a family trip when I was a little guy just getting into the hobby.

    Fun Post, Thanks!!!


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