Friday, August 6, 2010

2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts Box Break Part 2

2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here. Concluding my 4th and final box break for my birthday, is the grading of our best box of 4 total boxes, 2008 SP Legendary Cuts. Here's what I thought of the product:

Design: This has always been one of my favorite base card designs, the photos look great, unlike the Topps Heritage head shots (see Robinson Cano). The set would definitely look great all in binder pages, so that's one of my new goals, to finish this set too. I only have about half so I'll need your help like always. All of the cards in this set look pretty legendary, so it's a definite that this product was a success. Design Grade: A

Price: Maybe a long time ago my grade would be different, but I got this box for $80 at the card shop. When you think that you just might get jerseys, it starts to worry you, but then again, there's always a chance at the one per case cut autograph, plus 2 other on card autos per case of some of baseball's big stars. I got a little nervous about the whole relic thing, because usually I buy boxes that at least supply one of each. This however, was totally worth the price, because I pulled 2 huge hits and a card for my collection. $80 is a lot to cough up for a box, but there's a lot of nice potential. Price Grade: B-

Hits: People buy this product, as well as most other products, for the hits. Why not? It's your chance to own a piece of memorabilia used in a game. You could get autographs? Whats not to like about hits? Hits are the main purpose of SP Legendary Cuts, even though the base, inserts, and everything look great, it's about whose jersey you pull. I got lucky to say that Adam Dunn and Russell Martin were my worst hits, my dual was Don Mattingly and Todd Helton, Mattingly of course being somebody I collect. Then we got 2 big hits, a 1/1 insert of Torii Hunter and a jersey card of the one and only Roberto Clemente. Those 2 cards would make back all of the $ in the box if I was to sell. Sure, we got lucky, and I've seen some downer boxes, but you always at least get 1 memorabilia card you may like. Also, you can get cuts pretty frequently! At 1 per 16 box case, their not very rare, and they sell for a lot of dough, always depending on who it is. Majority of these boxes do you well. Hits Grade: B+

Overall: This was a really fun break. With "hits" in a 1:3 ratio, it keeps the break short, consistent, and loads of fun. We were lucky enough to score the Torii Hunter 1/1 insert as a bonus, the first 1/1 we've ever pulled here at drewscards. Plus a piece of a jersey worn by the great Roberto Clemente and a bat card of Don Mattingly, wow. What an awesome box of cards. You should seriously check out this product if you haven't in the past 2+ years it's been out, the single packs should be about $6-8 per, and there's a lot of good potential that is pretty easy to hit in this set. Plus the cards are nice! Sure, only 4 cards per pack, but they're 4 nice cards per pack, so I won't really complain. This product has done me well, so maybe it will do the same to you. I'll give this box a solid A-, great job Upper Deck! Overall Grade: A-

Not too shabby! Leave your opinions in the comments please! See Ya!

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  1. The fact that you were able to flip the Martin relic for a Cano must feel pretty good too.


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