Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pointless Pieces of Cardboard Pt. 3

Hey guys, Drew back here, continuing on the never-ending saga that is Pointless Pieces of Cardboard. Today we have another card on Check Out My that has a big price tag. This is nothing to do with the site again, this has to do with the seller. Here we go:

Card: 2009 Upper Deck Ryan Zimmerman Game Jersey not #ed
Price: $50.00
Why is this criticized?: Why is this $50.00??? Again, unless it's a short printed relic, or something, this shouldn't have a price tag like this!!! The seller has a few kinda high prices but all are at least under BV, except this, which BV is not provided for. Also, nothing against Zimmerman, he's good and I like him, just this is ridiculous. You could manage to get a Babe Ruth relic card for double this price, so, what would you prefer, one old jersey with the pinstripe running through it of possibly the greatest player EVER, or 2 of these? Or, you could get a bunch of these off eBay, example, or buy all of these and it will be remotely close to $50, not including shipping.

So, I don't know what some sellers problems are with not selling by "Book Value" at least, all I know is that NOBODY THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS GOING TO BUY THIS CARD FOR $50. AND NOBODY OUTSIDE OF OUR BLOGOSPHERE HAS EVER HEARD OF COMC!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm going to have to call mislisting on this one. Any chance he meant $5 and screwed up on a zero? I mean, this is worth 5 bucks MAX but isn't an unreasonable asking price if you're willing to accept lower.

    If his prices are relatively reasonable elsewhere then I'm calling a screwup. A big, ridiculous screwup.

  2. You bring up a good point there, I'm honestly not too sure.

  3. I would never pay 50 for that, Not even zimmermans auto goes for that much, you can find it for like 30 sometimes!

  4. I am sure people outside of the blogosphere have heard of Check Out My Cards. There are only, like, 100 of us! The hobby is MUCH MUCH bigger than just these blogs. In fact, MOST people who collect cards haven't seen a single one of our sites.

    Don't overestimate our significance :)


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