Saturday, February 20, 2010

Million Card Giveaway Recent Results

Hey guys, Drew back here. I finished my box of 2010 Topps today, and I liked it even though I can care less about the relic. Tons of inserts were pulled, actually more inserts than total cards in my blaster! Anyway, I probably won't buy any more of this Series, so I'm going to rely on eBay, COMC, and you guys to help me finish off a bunch of insert sets and the base set. So, I pulled 6 Million Card Giveaway code cards, most of you know about these since they are on every blog. Winning free cards online is fun, and their way of making money is to put a shipping charge on them. So, at the end of the year I'll request a big shipment, of most of the cards that I got (that I want). I'm probably going to trade these at some point, so they won't be with me for too long. Here are the 6 cards I redeemed in my box:

1969 Topps Gary Gentry/Amos Otis Rookie Card

1971 Topps Mike Andrews

1973 Topps Mike Ryan

1974 Topps Randy Moffitt

1987 Topps Mike Schmidt

1993 Topps Reggie Jefferson

Other than Mr. Jefferson, I think I did well at a vintage standpoint. I think I might actually own the 87' Topps set but not sure, I'll have to check, so for now I may trade the Schmidt (and Boggs from my blaster). All cards are FT for Yankees on the site. See Ya!

Oh, and please check the post below you and vote for a card that you want to vote for into the Baseball Card Hall of Fame (BCHOF).


  1. Wow, you did really good Drew!

  2. I really need that mets card for my 1969 set, I only have 2 cards in my "collection" on there, one being a yankee but its not worth anything more than 10 cents, matt desalvo 2005 rookie... If I get anything good yankees id gladly trade them to you! Keep me in mind before you get rid of that mets card! -Tony

  3. Hey Tony,

    I knew you'd want that, so yeah, I'll be waiting for you to pull something nice, then it's yours.



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