Friday, February 26, 2010

Bob Feller Custom Finished!

Hey guys, as Spring Training is here, I am piled in snow. On my driveway we must have at least 8-11 inches of snow, and we've had no school for 3 straight days! Since we don't get winter recess here in NY, this is a nice treat! Anyway, I've spent a lot of the time in the snow or working on customs. I'm preparing many trades and TTM's to ship out, getting pretty close to the first 330 2010 Topps cards, I think I still need about 30 though. I got a lot of doubles in the box from my blaster. Anyway, on the post below this (or on the sidebar), the cards not in red are still available for trade, and I made my wantlists a lot neater, so check that out for a really easy way to see what I need. My 2010 Topps wantlist looks like a checkers game, you'll see when you're looking for cards I need! Anyway, I wanted to show you all how the custom Hall of Fame Heroes cards are coming out, I'm gonna start sending them as soon as I'm done! I started printing them yesterday, so first check out the cards, the fronts are printed but the backs aren't yet:

Bob Feller

Andre Dawson

Stan Musial

Side View of Stan Musial
I used plain white dummy cards to make it thick, I have a bunch of them, and they look great! I used double sided tape (mom helped me with this card making experience, thanks again mom!), and stuck the card to the dummy. Two of the cards are not perfect, but the Musial came out perfect!


The Plain white back, soon to be covered in pictures like this:

Musial Back

Feller Back

My signature will be in between the "Congratulations" paragraph and my name, like Richard P. McWilliam, or whatever the heck his name is. By the way, I'm sending in the Dye "no relic" card for a replacement, Upper Deck finally got back to me.

Any advice is needed! I'm gonna make a few more now, starting with the Dawson back though! See Ya!

P.S. If you request one, I'll do my best to try to make one for you, if not you can feel free to use the pictures I used, just save them or something! Later.

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