Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow, anybody noticing that eBay auctions are selling well right now with baseball? I've been outbid on cards that should be a few bucks that go to at least $10, and in the last minute every time! Anyone else having this problem of not winning eBay auctions?

By the way, 3 Through the Mails are going out tomorrow, and 2 packages, one for Night Owl and one for Cardboard Heaven.

See Ya.

Update: I feel better now

even more better now, I'm on a roll!!!

Anybody wanna comment on my posts?


  1. i pulled one of those greene autos last week and have been watching them on thEbay to see what i could get for it...12.26 is def one of the lower prices i've seen on them...

  2. I just won something SWEET on ebay... Someone jacked the price up at the last minute, but I still won it, buy my price threshold is a bit higher than yours.


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