Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pointless Pieces of Cardboard Pt. 2

Hey guys, Drew back here, I never knew the saga would continue with this stinkin card! This is now the 3rd time I've posted this card, and the seller won't stop. Maybe next time I get some store credit on Check Out My Cards I should make an offer of 2 bucks to this idiot. Check this out now, it's the same write up as last time but the price changed dramatically:

Card: Anthony Gonzalez 2009 Donruss Rookies & Stars Relic Card
Price: $10,000 (last time it was $500)
Why is this criticized?: How on earth is this card worth $10,000? Is this some sort of super de dooper short print or something? Anthony Gonzalez barely played last year, and this seller thinks he/she could sell it for $10,000? That's insane, here's a comparable card, and instead of buying that rip off you could buy something like this, this AND this, all for LESS than $10,000. Add this in too.

$10,000 dollars????

THAT'S A $4 CARD!!!!

Now this is getting annoying, see ya.


  1. Donovan McNabb's card in that set? $7.50
    Steven Jackson's? $7.50
    Andre Johnson? $6.98
    Larry Freakin' Fitzgerald? $5.98

    What a joke

  2. He's either an idiot, a vengeful idiot, or ignorant. Considering the remainder of his cards are properly priced, I'd say he's just trying to take advantage of the the fact that it doesn't have a book price. However, he should have gone with something more believable, in the double digit range.

  3. Even Anthony Gonzalez's mom wouldn't pay $10,000 for that card.


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