Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Blaster Box

Hey guys, Drew back here, I opened a blaster of Upper Deck on Valentines Day, but Upper Deck appeared to show me no love or affection, here is a recap, with a reason why:

4 Yankees
We'll start this recap with great and end it with ugly. I have 2 Swishers now which is cool, and the Jeter is awesome looking, one of my favorites of him I must say. The Phil Coke is ok, it doesn't say anything about him being traded to the Tigers though, but it's nice to see him where he belongs. Lastly, a great shot of Teixeira, he's gonna have another big year I hope!

4 "Star" Rookies
Well, since Upper Deck doesn't have a license, the new rookie card logo needed to be created, and it is REALLY ugly. And, if anyone knows who these "stars" are please let me know. Thanks

4 Checklists
This pictures are ok, but from what I assume, they're probably the same pictures as the profile mugshot on the bottom of their base card. Is that Tony Gwynn? Well, I guess Upper Deck wants to fool collectors by not putting the "Jr." at the end of it.

3 Ballparks
I actually am a fan of these cards, see post below this for more additional info. The Yankee Stadium card is a favorite here, and I think they did ok showcasing the ballparks.

5 Biography Inserts
Design: D, Highlights: B, Photography: B+. Kinda boring unless you pull an interesting one, similar to Topps' History of the Game inserts. The Sheffield is my favorite probably, I like the horizontal photo.

2 Portraits Inserts
Iwwww. These cards are just plain awful.

2 Celebrity Predictors Inserts
This subset has it's ups and downs, I like the concept and theme, but I hate the perforated thing in between the 2 pictures and how it doesn't show the name. Many will argue these shouldn't be in here period, but there are a few funny ones, so I don't mind.

1 All World
One of my favorites from this set again, just, the things on the top and bottom left corners are odd.

1 Gold Card
No idea why, but these cards sell for a high price on the secondary market. I have NO idea who Paul Janish is, nor do I care. But I know someone who might...



Take a look at this card for a second, let me zoom it in:


This card really annoys me, and I contacted Upper Deck, I hope I can get something cool in return. And that concludes another installment of why Topps is better than Upper Deck. Good night everybody


  1. Oh man, that sucks. Let us know what UD says.

  2. Ouch on the jersey... Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's rough, sheesh. I've had this happen with them too (believe it was 07-08 Artifacts BKB).

  4. About your Star Rookies:

    Luis Durango - speedy, fourth outfielder type in the mold of Juan Pierre perhaps.

    Matt Carson - kind of a feel good story, since he was a journeyman who reached the Major Leagues in 2009. The person who ended up with his first MLB home run actually wanted $10,000 for it.

    Brandon Allen - first baseman the Diamondbacks got from the Chicago White Sox; looks like he is going to be blocked by Adam LaRoche at first base.

    Carlos Carrasco - former Phillies prospect traded to the Indians in the Cliff Lee trade last summer.

  5. They must not have had the license for a tiny 1 inch piece of cloth either.

  6. Thanks Laurens, I kinda meant it as a joke but yeah thanks for the input. Are they gonna be stars though?


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