Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Cards From Pop Popps- Nice RC!

Hey guys, Drew back here. For Christmas, Pop Popps gave me a nice lot of cards, and there were some sweet cards in there. Take a look:

First off, we have a bunch of Hall of Famers, and a Maury Wills "In Action" card. I've gotten quite a few of these from him before, but you can never have enough vintage HOF'er cards.

And, we also have a 1975 Topps Batting Leaders card featuring HOF'er Rod Carew, an Indians team card with Frank Robinson as manager, and a 1975 Topps card showing the MVPs of 1968, which happened to be 2 pitchers, Denny McClain and Bob Gibson. We also have a few more vintage cards including a 1963 Fleer Jimmy Piersall and a Blyleven and Piniella. Sometimes Pop Popps tends to have mixed early-mid 60's cards in the lots, and I got 3 1963 Fleers this time. Finally, 2 sweet Hall of Fame Rookies, of Goose Gossage and Gary Carter! I already have a few of the Gossage rookies, but I did not have the Carter rookie yet, which will certainly stay in the mini Hall of Fame Rookie Card Collection.

Thanks so much Pop Popps! See Ya!


  1. Very nice!! You should try to put the 1972 set together at some point. It is a pretty awesome looking set, with the comic book lettering. I have the Pete Rose, one of my favorite cards, for sure.

  2. I don't have any grandparents left... would your Pop Popps consider adopting me?

  3. Nice '63s. All I ever got from my Pops was a whooping.


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