Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hey guys, Drew back here. Just a few days ago, I finally, and by finally, I mean over a year of waiting, got this TTM back! And it wasn't just any player... take a look:

Not one...

Not two...

But THREE autographed cards from Yankees All Star pitcher CC Sabathia! When I opened this envelope, he was by far the last person I thought it could've been from! Two of the cards didn't come out spectacular, but that Allen & Ginter looks incredible. And please, I don't need information about prepping chrome cards, this was a year ago, and in case you didn't know you could rub an eraser on chrome cards as well as many other tools.

Anyway, Sabathia must've recently caught up on his mail, and I'm sure he had an awful lot to catch up on! He's won 157 games in his 10 year career, with an ERA of 3.57 and 1787 strikeouts. He has become possibly the best workhorse in baseball, and is a true model of consistency. He won his 1st World Series in 2009 with the Yankees and hopefully can lead them to many more!

Thanks SO much CC! See Ya!


  1. Congrats buddy. I know you probably about passed out when you saw them.

  2. Nice return. I also got a Sabathia return from spring training this week. I'll post it later in the week. I wish I was brave enough to send three cards. I figured it was a long shot and proably a lost cause. Congrats!

  3. I've seen a lot of Sabathia successes lately, and I'm planning to send a couple of cards to him next week.

  4. Nice return! I need CC for the Yankees PC as well. Hope he will still sign or I may have to get his auto some other way.


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