Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trip to the Card Shop- Nice Vintage Pickups!

Hey guys, Drew back here. A week or so ago, my dad and I went out to a card shop that we normally don't go to, because its often very unorganized and takes forever for them to find prices, etc. I've pulled that Dexter McCluster letterman auto from a month or 2 ago, as well as that Chipper Jones Baseball Heroes patch autograph numbered to only 15! So, we had a lot of time on our hands, so we decided to get a few packs and also check out the little boxes of mixed cards. First, I'll start with the packs. Dad bought a jumbo pack of 2010 Topps Update, and a pack of 2010 Panini Threads Football. Here are the results:

2010 Panini Threads Football:

- Kellen Winslow Jr.
- Felix Jones
- Rashard Mendenhall
- Adrian Peterson
- Steve Breaston
- Peyton Manning
- Devin Hester
- Thaddeus Gibson RC

2010 Topps Update Jumbo:

- A Bunch of Base

- Jeff Suppan Gold /2010
- Ryan Doumit Turkey Red
- Johnny Mize Vintage Legends
- Joe Mauer Topps Attax
- Dale Murphy Cards Your Mom Threw Out
- Carlos Pena Peak Performance
- The Truman Show Tales of the Game
- Barry Larkin Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Back
- Million Card Giveaway

Not very impressive in my opinion, let me know if you're interested in any of these outside of some of the 2010 Topps inserts (ie: Turkey Red, Vintage Legends, CYMTO, Tales of the Game, Peak Performance). Which leaves the Larkin, Mauer, and Suppan inserts for trade and most of the base.

However, we weren't done. I bought 4 singles that added up to around $20.

First, a 1991 Upper Deck Heroes Baseball Hank Aaron hologram card! I don't have a whole lot of Hank Aaron cards and it was only a dollar and it looked really cool, so, I got it.

A 1957 Topps Hank Bauer! This card isn't in great condition by any means, but it's nice enough for me. Bauer was one of many parts that led to the Yankees World Series run in the late 40's and early 50's, and for only a few bucks, I couldn't turn it down. I'm not a huge fan of the 1957 design, I think it's kinda boring, but it's not a bad card by any means.

Next is a 1964 Topps Elston Howard! Elston was no Yogi Berra, but he could catch really well, and his number was retired by the Yankees in 1984, 4 years after his death. Elston made 12 All Star teams, won 6 World Series, and was the 1963 AL MVP. This card is really sweet looking, and it's in excellent condition! For only a few bucks, no doubt this was a great deal.

And finally, a 1961 Topps Duke Snider! Duke is becoming a player that I wouldn't mind collecting more of, especially after I got him through the mail and got that autographed card from dad. I saw this in the bin, and it looked really nice even the borders were damaged. So, for about $5, I got it!

Also in the bin, we saw a few 48 Bowmans, which certainly did not belong in there, so we put them in the pile, but dumbo at the card section decided why not check book value before I buy them. A half hour later, and they were re-priced to $30 a piece. I was also looking at a $5 Keith Hernandez auto, but that was repriced to $15, and I wasn't paying that for a Met.

Whatever, I think I did well, what do you think? See Ya!

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  1. Ah crap. I'd have been HOT over them re-pricing the 48 Bowmans. Sounds like they aren't too serious about selling single cards... Nice haul though buddy.


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