Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yankees Team Set Wantlists

Hey guys, Drew back here. I'm kinda bored and don't have anything else to post, so here is a little wantlist for my new Yankee team sets. I'll probably consider the Jets too, but after a dreadful day yesterday (WTF @ Jets GM???) I'm not gonna bother.

I'm starting with 2010 to make things simple. And by the way, I am hoping to get all of the future team sets finished, the link will be on the side bar soon. Here is the 2010 set wantlist:



2010 Topps:

Series 1 Base- COMPLETE

Gold Parallel /2010 (Have)- 34 (Michael Dunn), 185 (Hideki Matsui), 260 (Franchise History), 269** (Anthem in the Bronx)
Legend SP's (Need)- 56b (Whitey Ford), 175b (Roger Maris), 250b (Lou Gehrig), 294b (Babe Ruth)
Granderson SP (Need)- 222b (Curtis Granderson)
Cards Your Mom Threw Out (Need)- 1 (Mickey Mantle), 10 (Roger Maris), 20 (Thurman Munson), 33 (Don Mattingly), 42 (Derek Jeter)
History of the Game (Need)- 7 (Babe Ruth), 10 (Babe Ruth), 11 (Babe Ruth), 13 (Babe Ruth)
Tales of the Game (Need)- 2 (Babe Ruth), 3 (Babe Ruth), 8 (Roger Maris), 9 (Mickey Mantle), 25 (Yankees Dig Up Ortiz's jersey)
Legendary Lineage (Need)- 2 (Mantle/Chipper Jones), 4 (Gehrig/Teixeira), 19 (Whitey Ford/CC Sabathia)
Peak Performance (Need)- 5 (Babe Ruth), 12 (Lou Gehrig), 15 (Alex Rodriguez), 17* (Reggie Jackson), 18 (Mickey Mantle), 20 (Mark Teixeira), 28 (Johnny Mize)
Turkey Red (Need)- 20 (CC Sabathia), 28 (Mickey Mantle), 40* (Mark Teixeira), 46* (Babe Ruth)
When They Were Young (Need)- AR (Alex Rodriguez)
Topps Town- COMPLETE
Ticket to Topps Town Gold- 23 (CC Sabathia)

* Need 2, 1 for 2010 Topps set and 1 for Yankees Team Set
** Need another for Cano or Swisher PC

2010 Topps Heritage:

Main Set- 19 (Alex Rodriguez), 29 (Reid Gorecki), 92 (Mark Teixeira), 104 (Jorge Posada), 116 (Jerry Hairston Jr.), 133 (Joe Girardi), 180* (Robinson Cano), 200 (Javier Vazquez), 215 (Derek Jeter), 307 (A.J. Burnett WS), 308 (Alex Rodriguez WS), 309 (Johnny Damon WS), 311 (Hideki Matsui WS), 313 (New York Yankees WS), 325 (Brett Gardner), 326 (Nick Johnson), 345* (Nick Swisher), 366 (CC Sabathia), 401 (Babe Ruth BT), 406 (Mickey Mantle BT), 411 (Core 4), 424 (Chien-Ming Wang), 463 (Mark Teixeira), 469 (Derek Jeter), 483 (Mariano Rivera AW), 486 (Derek Jeter AW)
Chrome Parallel- 6 (Alex Rodriguez), 26 (Mark Teixeira), 31 (Jorge Posada), 39 (Mariano Rivera), 87 (CC Sabathia)
Baseball Flashbacks: 1 (Roger Maris)
New Age Performers- 14 (Mariano Rivera)
Then and Now- 1 (Maris/Pujols), 2 (Maris/Fielder), 5 (Mantle, Gonzalez), 6 (Ford/Greinke), 7 (Ford/Verlander), 8 (Ford/Hernandez), 10 (Ford/Halladay)
Ruth Chase Cards- All 1-10
Mantle Chase Cards- All 1-10
Maris Chase Cards- All 1-10

* Need for Swisher or Cano PC's as well as team sets

2010 Topps Finest:

Main Set- 3 (Alex Rodriguez), 14 (Derek Jeter), 21 (Joba Chamberlain), 23 (CC Sabathia), 28 (Mark Teixeira), 30 (Johnny Damon), 35 (Jorge Posada), 38 (Robinson Cano), 52 (Mariano Rivera), 64 (Curtis Granderson), 78* (Nick Swisher), 125 (Andy Pettitte), 134 (Reid Gorecki)
Other Refractors- Don't have any

2010 Upper Deck:

Main Set- 349 (Chien-Ming Wang), 350 (Mariano Rivera)
Biography- 38 (Alex Rodriguez), 47 (Alex Rodriguez), 52 (Mark Teixeira), 101 (Alex Rodriguez), 177 (Mark Teixeira), 182 (Derek Jeter), 190 (Mariano Rivera)
Joe DiMaggio Heroes- 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, SP Art Card (All Joe DiMaggio)
20th Anniversary Heroes- 2 (Derek Jeter)
Portraits- 57 (Mark Teixeira), 58 (Derek Jeter), 59 (Mariano Rivera), 60 (A.J. Burnett), 61 (Jorge Posada)
Pure Heat- 3 (Alex Rodriguez), 5 (CC Sabathia)
Supreme- 30 (Hideki Matsui), 31 (Derek Jeter), 32 (CC Sabathia), 81 (Johnny Damon), 82 (Mark Teixeira), 83 (Mariano Rivera), 84 (Alex Rodriguez)

If you have anything that I need (a good amount at least), for either a set or the Cano/Swisher PC's, or off these lists, please contact me at and let me know. Thanks, and See Ya!

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  1. Drew- I will be sorting through things tonight and definately have some things you need in a mixture of want lists of yours. Especially this one. Shoot me an email at and we can work out a trade. Thanks!


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