Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ultimate Auto Tourney

Hey guys, Drew back here. We are at 12 guys so far on the big list, let's make it more. Got any ideas? I added a few myself... See Ya!


  1. Jason Jennings. By far the worst signature I've ever seen, ever. On Card Autos did a post on it a few days ago. Check it out!

  2. yes I was just about to submit my Jason Jennings' auto you can see it on my blog but I would also like to submit scott thorman as a terrible auto. thanks Drew

  3. Reviewed a bunch of my O's autographs and I think you can add these guys...
    Winston Abreu
    Greg Aquino
    Brian Bass
    Rob Bell
    Eric Byrnes
    Jim Johnson
    Derrick May
    Guillermo Rodriguez
    Paul Shuey


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