Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Worst Autograph Bracket: Coming Soon!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I have a really fun idea, and it is very similar to what dayf is doing with the Gimmick bracket. So I don't get in the way of his fun, I'll start it a little after his is finished.

So, I will need 3 other blogs to join in on the fun and help out here as the 4 parts of the bracket. Please comment if you have a blog and are interested in doing one of the regions.

Now, in this tourney we will pick the top 64 worst signers in baseball history, so I need EVERYBODY to step up and nominate someone so we can get there. Please leave a comment if you know of a player off hand that has a horrible signature!

I'll probably say Nick Swisher, it looks NOTHING like Nick Swisher:


I can think of a few more, but I need help getting people to comment here. If you could post something advertising for this, please do!!! I would really appreciate all the help, so we can set up a hilarious bracket!

See Ya! (By the way I got this idea from Field of Cards' recent post about Milton Bradley's signature)



  1. Tom Gorzelanny - I just got his yesterday at the Reds-Cubs game and it is Photographic evidence will be posted shortly.

    And I'd say Chris Johnson has got to be in the running!

  2. Carl Everett. All that is legible is a "t" that's about it.

  3. Hey Drew, i'd be interested in helping you out with this bracket. Just email me what you need me to do. I can think of a few terrible autos of the top of my head...
    -Chris Cubsareawesome5 @

  4. Vernand Morency- Texans

  5. Thats funny that you posted this; I just posted another one on autographed baseballs... I was struggling figuring out who some of the minor leaguers I had were. Most, if not all, of the hall of famers and MLB players have pretty legible autos. Let me do some thinking.....

  6. Good suggestions! Chris, I'll email you when I get more feedback here. Thanks

  7. I would go with Mike Gonzalez and Miguel Tejada on the O's.

  8. Geronimo Gil hands down! And I auctually own this card!

  9. check out emilio bonifacio's auto. I have a 08 SPX auto of him and its actually kinda cool looking but totally illegible.

  10. Here's 10 horrible sigs.

    I'll let you know who they are later this week. HINT: one is on your list already.


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