Saturday, April 3, 2010

NYC Trip Pics

Hey guys, Drew back here, just sharing a few pics from my quick trip to NYC yesterday. We went to ESPN Zone for lunch and did the arcade afterwards. We went for some nice long walks on Central Park that dragged on forever, and we were supposed to go the Central Park Zoo but the line was too long. So, instead, we went to Strawberry Fields. I am a big Beatles fan, and I respect John Lennon more than any musician ever. I went to Strawberry Fields once before but that was before I was really into them. It was really cool, one guy was singing Stones, Beatles, stuff like that. So, here are just some pictures at the ESPN Zone, and at Strawberry Fields (forever...)

A cool collage of Knicks stuff, all cards on the basketball.

Speaking of cards... yes, those are all Yankees cards. And they made it look like Babe Ruth! I have no clue how they did that but it is by far one of the most amazing card related things I've seen in my life!

There's me next to it. I definitely recommend the ESPN zone, great food and lots of sports. The arcade was cool, I scored 21 points in basketball in a very not-agreeable basketball hoop, it rimmed out so many times I could've gotten double the score! There was a cool pitching game where you pitch to major leaguers and try to get them out but there was a pretty big line so I decided not to.

Imagine is such a great song, and people really honor John Lennon. This guy that is the "mayor" of Strawberry Fields puts flowers over the Imagine thing every day for the past 10 years or so I think, pretty cool.

Here's a close up, he also buys strawberries to circle around Imagine every day. It's such a peaceful place, although it is really close to where he was killed.

On a brighter note, my parents said $50 to spend anywhere that day, my sister ran it up to $80, and she bought her American Girl Stuff, and since I couldn't find a card shop and didn't wanna buy magnets or pictures along the streets I saved my $80 to buy on Check Out My Cards and eBay. I'm working on making an offer right now for some cool things. See Ya!

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