Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grandpa Roy Column Results


Hey guys, Drew back here. I am having my induction into the NJHS tonight, so that will be awesome, but just wanted to put the results up and have a little discussion about the previous Grandpa Roy question. I posted it a few days ago and I did make a minor mistake, saying team in general not current team. It's all good though, and here is the question just to refresh your memory:

Ubaldo Jimenez threw the 1st no hitter in the Colorado Rockies' 18 year history yesterday against the Atlanta Braves. Which are the 4 teams who have never thrown a no hitter in team history?

Your correct answers were-

1: New York Mets
2: Tampa Bay Rays
3: San Diego Padres
4: Washington Nationals

So, on Sports Center and various other blogs, we've heard constantly that the Mets, Rays, and Padres are the only 3 teams to not throw a no hitter. But, keep in mind that although the roster stayed the same, all team records from the Montreal Expos were thrown out after the Nats were created. So, some may consider them a new team and some may not. So, the 4 teams that haven't thrown a no hitter yet are the Mets, Rays, Padres, and Nationals.

I hope that all makes sense, and until next time, See Ya!

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