Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Mail from BigD

Hey guys, Drew back here. Tomorrow my school is having a retreat, basically just playing sports all day. It's supposed to rain over here, which is even better, because Capture the Flag is awesome in the rain. So, I came home today to see a nice big package from Big D in "everything is big in Texas"! Derek and I have traded I think 3 or 4 times now, he is a great trader and a great dude. I just asked for a few of his 2010 Heritage Yankees he pulled in a blaster since I don't feel like wasting money on packs of it. He sent more than enough and here are the cards:

First are the Heritage cards I claimed. The pictures are boring yet I think they look nice, yet I do admit that my 1st Yankee Granderson card looks horrible! Pettitte has a nice card as well as Joba, and I don't know what to think of the Burnett. The Ford is nice, every card helps my sadness of being rejected by him TTM, and the checklists actually don't look half bad this year.

Well, I haven't bought much 2010 stuff in general. I'm trying to hold back on buying wax, though I do on occasion (see 2010 Topps). This just goes to show here as I needed all of the above cards! Opening Day, Attax, Upper Deck, sweet! The Posada is the blue parallel from 2010 Opening Day numbered to... you guessed it!, 2010. I like the Chien-Ming Wang insert, although he is kinda annoying now since he can't stop getting hurt. My favorite card by far here is the insert in the bottom right corner of the Yankees celebrating A-Rod/Teixeira's extra inning homers!

Wow. Just wow. These cards are AWESOME!!! Big D did an awesome job on these 2 cards, I was hoping he'd make me one. I must admit if I think I'm good at customs, this is like 10 x better! These are 2 of my favorite cards of Cano and Swisher that I own and I really like them!

The backs are really cool too, I think Topps could use an extra helper...

Thanks BigD for the awesome cards, I really enjoyed the customs, they are perfect to go into my collection!

Before I finalize this post, quick update on the Worst Autograph Ever Tournament. Thanks to dayf for helping get some of your crazy amount of viewers over here, I still need 31 more names, a little more than halfway done so far but I still need your help! I entered a few in myself, please leave a comment here with any ideas. I NEED THE HELP!!!

See Ya!

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