Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick eBay Mailday

Hey guys, Drew back here, with one nice card to display before I go, here it is:

2008 UD Premier Swatches Triple Patch #PS-NS Nick Swisher /50

Price: $5.00

My Reaction:

WOW! That's a low price! I love this card, and the patches are amazing on it. The middle may just be a jersey piece but I'll go with patch for the heck of it. The first patch has 3 colors and 4 breaks and the third has 3 colors and 3 breaks. Considering this being a big hit in an expensive product like Premier makes this even nicer!

See Ya!


  1. Upper Deck cards are sweet! Period. It sucks that they are gone. Nice 'get'.

  2. 5 bucks???? wow. I paid 5 bucks total for 2 Mike Pelfrey 2010 Heritage BASE CARDS! Gotta love eBay, sure is crafty. Seriously though, awesommmeee card, I love patches


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