Monday, April 11, 2011

Nice eBay Pickup of My Favorite Player!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I decided to take another day off from school today due to my back injury, just so it could be better by tomorrow. I've been buying a lot off eBay throughout the last week, and I got one of the packages in already. Check it out:

From 2008 Upper Deck Premier, a Nick Swisher "Signature Premier" autographed card numbered out of 25! This is now my 9th Swisher autographed card in my collection of his, and I'm really happy to add it to the collection! It cost around $1o, a typical price for most of his autographs at this point. I hope to continue adding more of Swisher over the next few months, even if I have to look at that alien-like autograph!

Swish is batting .219 so far in 9 games this year, with 7 hits in 32 at bats. He hasn't hit his 1st home run yet, and appears to be struggling thus far in the season. Hopefully he gets it together and starts crushing it as he always does! Let's Go Yankees and Let's Go Swish!

See Ya!

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