Sunday, January 24, 2010

White Plains Card Show Review Part 5

Part 5: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, and I am amped for the big game that will probably start while I'm posting the Jets I bought at the card show. My dad got me 2 of these, thanks again dad! Anyway, here goes, but first, this little video to amp me, you, the person sitting next to you, the dude throwing pistachios into a sleeping dude's mouth at an airport, or any other people up!

2009 Bowman Sterling Dustin Keller Jersey /999
Wow, Jordin Sparks does a good National Anthem. Anyway, got this card in a nice deal for dirt cheap, and it's an awesome card. I have one of his relics from that stupid premier from 2008 Bowman Sterling, and this is now my 3rd relic of his. I'd sure love to get his auto. He is a great young tight end, and he may be a big factor in today's game.

2009 UD Philadelphia Jerricho Cotchery On Card Autograph
What a nice card this is. When I traded my auto from this set of D-Bowe to Beardy, I knew I had to check for Jets in the checklist. Sure enough, one of my favorite wide receivers, Jerricho Cotchery, had an auto in the set. I'm pysched to have this card, but there is a funny story about the card too, and I'll have to tell you that in one of the next posts in the series. I think I got this for 10 bucks, which isn't bad.

2009 Upper Deck 3D Stars Shonn Greene Rookie Card
Boy I'm amped up! I think I got this for like 2 or 3 bucks, and it's an awesome card. When you tilt it it shows his college jersey, and then of course the Jets side as you see in this picture. Shonn is a great rookie and I'm excited to see how he'll play later on in his career.

1990 (or 1991) NFL Pro Set Matt Snell On Card Autograph
My dad got me this one and the next one, and nothing better than having an autograph of a 1968 NFL Super Bowl Champion. Matt was a key factor as the Jets fullback and occasional running back back in the day, so it's cool to have. He bought it at a vendor, so there's no guarantee it's authentic, the guy said he met Matt and got that auto then. He inscribed his number too, which was cool.

2007 Topps Performance David Harris Rookie Jersey Autograph
Jeez. First play, first down. Let's hope that isn't the start of bad things here in NY. Good, 3rd down. Sorry, just typing while watching, and since my subject is based on the Jets, then I could write whatever I want about them. 4TH DOWN!!! And guess who just sacked Peyton? DAVID HARRIS!!!! He's a good linebacker and this is a sweet card. Now I need an autograph of Darelle Revis, who has his own island named after him for the day!

GO JETS!!!! AND SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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