Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Packs & Packs from the shop

Hey guys, Drew back here. For Christmas along with 3 boxes, I got vintage cards from Pop Popps, a lot of Yanks from Dad, a Topps football cereal box from my grandpa and grandma and a few packs. There were 2 seperate trips, dad got me a pack of 09 Sweet Spot (hobby), 08 Stadium Club (hobby) and a Goodwin Champions (hobby). I went to the card shop a few days later, and I figured since both were pack breaks I'd combine the video and post. I got a pack of 206, a pack of Unique, and a pack of SPX, plus one of those random 100 card lots that I got for 2 bucks. I know I should be saving money for the show but I wanted to get some 206 and Unique, and my airsoft gun has a crack in one spot and my dad wanted to see how to fix it while there. My card shop sells paintball, airsoft, and sports cards. Awesome. Anyway, here's a video recap of the cards, plus a picture of my new airsoft gun.

Here are the packs that are in this video:

- 1 Pack 09 Sweet Spot (hobby)
- 1 Pack 08 Stadium Club (hobby)
- 1 Pack 09 Goodwin Champions (hobby)
- 1 Pack 09 SP Authentic (retail)
- 1 Pack 09 Topps Updates & Highlights (retail)
- 1 Pack 09 Topps 206 (hobby)
- 1 Pack 09 Topps Unique (hobby)
- 1 Pack 09 UD SPX (hobby)
- 1 Cereal Box (50 Cards + 5 National Chicles) 09 Topps football
- 1 Lot of 100 Mixed Cards
- 1 Guarenteed Memorabilia Card Target Thing

Here we go! (it's in no particular order)

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  1. Hi Drew, outstanding post, yet another one!!! It was a fantastic Christmas. Your collection grew some more. I am very proud of you Drew. Your blog is awesome, unreal!!! Nice job son, love dad


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