Saturday, January 23, 2010

White Plains Card Show Review Part 4


Hey guys, Drew back here, moving right along with part 4, all the Yanks hits (outside of Cano & Swisher) that I picked up at the show. Tonight I'm going to my friend's house, after we hit a concert by 1964, the world's greatest Beatles impersonators. More on that tomorrow, here we go:

2008 Legendary Cuts Roger Clemens/Catfish Hunter Dual Jersey
There are two sides of the equation on this card, but one side I hate. But, for the price I paid, it was an added bonus. I hope you know the side I'm talking about. The vintage Catfish jersey definitely makes the card, and I'm happy to say it's my second Catfish jersey card, but 1st as a Yankee. Always nice to welcome Hall of Famers into your collection.

2009 Goodwin Champions Graig Nettles Jersey
Although it's just a plain gray swatch, Goodwin did great with the design and this is a great card. Nettles would've had a better shot at the Hall of Fame if it wasn't for Brooks Robinson, but what can you do. This is my 3rd jersey card of a Yankee from the set and I'm certainly looking to add more. I currently have: Nettles, Wang, and Posada.

2008 Legendary Cuts Curtis Granderson Jersey
My 1st game used of the great new Yankee, Curtis Granderson. Although I shouldn't say great, because you are only great if you can play in the battlefield here in the Big Apple. Mets or Yankees, pitcher or left bench, you're gonna get tossed around like a hot potato. And it certainly won't change. I wish Curtis luck next year, to have a nice season and not get torn apart by the media.

2008 Bowman Sterling Mark Melancon Autograph
Had to pick up an autograph of a good Yanks prospect. He might be gone in a few years but still, Melancon is a pretty good pitcher, and it's nice to own.

2009 Sweet Spot Dave Winfield Jersey
I may never get a chance to meet and greet Mr. Winfield again like I did last show, so I guess I'll have to stick to a bunch of tiny pieces of jerseys of his for now. This is a pretty nice card, and I'm happy to have it. The first time I saw it when Sweet Spot came out, I thought to myself that I'll have that card at some point in the future. Tadah!

2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Preston Mattingly Autograph /519
I know, the beloved Dodgers have this guy, but still, I consider him some sort of property of the Yanks. He'll probably never get as big as his daddy, chances are he may never make it. But I got it for dirt cheap and since I met his dad the same day, it was a cool card to have.

2009 UD Spectrum Francisco Cervelli RC Auto
Out of all the cards I got, this was a very exciting one for me. I think this guy is gonna be good. Real good. Still gotta get a Jesus Montero autograph, but I'm happy I have an auto of the Yanks catcher in coming! Boy it's a nice card too. I would really like the Goudey auto of his too, anybody have it?

1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter RC
This isn't really a hit, but I spent 10 bucks on it so I think it belongs here, and I forgot it anyway in last post. This is an iconic card, and I'm happy to have it! I have 2 Topps RC's, this one, and a few others, but I still need one more. And it's gonna cost me! The SP rookie card, and I saw it for 90 bucks. I'm like, no thanks!

2007 Bowman Sterling Phil Hughes RC Auto
This is probably my favorite of this bunch. It is an awesome card, and I picked it up for 10 bucks! Not bad! There are defintely some very nice vendors at the shows, but some really try to rip you off, a guy wanted 30 bucks for a Nick Swisher 2009 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor numbered to 199! I saw one at a different vendor for like 2 bucks! The guy said to me, "Well, he's a good player, and it is ONLY limited to 199 copies". I'm like "Screw that!" in my head. But to the subject though, hopefully Phil can continue to pitch well and this might be a nice card down the road!

I think I really looked like a prospector on this post, but I think it was worth it! See Ya!


  1. Wow! You have got a bunch of great cards here. I wish I had the Catfish Hunter. I just have one question. How much did you spend?!?! Just kidding.

  2. wow, excellent deal on that hughes! And by the way, funny thing, I have alot of yankee cards for you, i just looked through my whole collection today, Im not gonna be able to get em out for a while i have very limited access to the post office, (work + school + mid term exams + girlfriend = verrrry little free time) So ill try to get em out to you when I can, If you got any mets cards, you know what im into!

  3. Nice cards. I saw 1964 at the "Cream of Wheaton" event probably well before you were born. Enjoy the show. They're good.

  4. baseballcardstuff- Too much!

    mikepelfreyshouse- Awesome, sounds great man, and yeah it was a great deal. Isn't it such a good feeling when you get a steal?

    Mark's Ephemera- Yeah, they were great, so similar!


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