Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 UD Piece of History Box Break Review Part 1

2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, I'm going to do a little more work on the blog today but first, part 1 of my Piece of History Christmas break! This box was a bit of a downer, but you have good boxes and bad boxes. I did get 1 card I really wanted though so I'm happy. I'm still debating if I should collect the set or not, because I still need quite a few from 2008. Hopefully that changes a week from yesterday! Anyway, here is my break of Piece of History, but first, the product information:

- 16 Packs Per Box
- 7 Cards Per Pack
- 112 Cards Per Box
- 1 MLB game used, 1 Rookie Autograph, and 1 Hollywood Memorabilia card per box!

The base set is 200 cards, the 1st 100 devoted to today's MLB stars, the next 50 for 2009 rookies, and the last 50 for Historical Moments in our world. There are many numbered parallels inserted in the box, but there are also a ton of 20th Anniversary insert garbos. The part that makes this set unique is the Hollywood Memorabilia card. You will be able to possibly obtain memorabilia from stars like Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, and many more. Here is what I pulled in my box:

My Box Break Results

Base Set: 88/200 (44%)

Short Sets:
Veterans- 44/100 (44%)
Rookies- 22/50 (44%)
Historical Moments- 22/50 (44%)

20th Anniversary Cards:
- Manny Ramirez
- Mario Lemiux
- Frank Thomas
- Shaquille O'Neal
- Cleveland Stadium Final Game
- Alabama Crimson Tide
- Paul Molitor
- Oslo Accords Signed

Numbered Cards:
- Rickie Weeks Stadium Scenes /999
- Carlos Delgado Stadium Scenes /149
- Chris Young Stadium Scenes /99
- Randy Johnson/Scott Kazmir Cut from the Same Cloth /999
- Mark Teixeira/Chipper Jones Cut from the Same Cloth /999
- Chone Figgins/Vladimir Guerrero/Torii Hunter/Reggie Willits Franchise Members 4 /999
- Grady Sizmore Base Blue Parallel /299
- Pedro Martinez Base Blue Parallel /299
- Chien-Ming Wang Base Green Parallel /150
- Star Spangled Banner Historical Moment Blue /299
- D Day Historical Moment Green /150
- Josh Hamilton Timeless Moments /999
- Dan Uggla Franchise History /99

- Rafael Furcal Box Score Memories Jersey /180 (night owl?)
- Aaron Cunningham Rookie Autograph (not numbered)
- Adam Sandler "Spanglish" Movie Worn Memorabilia (PC!)

Well, overall this box was a bit of a downer, everything except the Josh Hamilton, Adam Sandler, and Yanks are for trade. I really like the design of the Hamilton, so I think I'm gonna hang on to it right now, maybe for future TTM. The Sandler was an awesome pull, because he is my favorite actor and I would've bought or traded for it soon anyway, so it's nice to pull it. It's got some dinged corners, which kinda sucks but the design sucks anyway so it's no biggie. I have had great luck with the movie memorabilia cards from 2008 and 2009 though, I had 4 from last year but traded 2, still have my Superman cape and my Brad Pitt shirt, and of course the Sandler is the next one in that club. Alright, check out the video highlights below to see pictures of the cards, but for now, See Ya!

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