Friday, January 29, 2010

2009 UD Philadelphia Box Break Review Part 2

Hey guys, Drew back here. Well, after a trade post tomorrow I should be caught up. I'm working a lot on my new custom cards, and when I get a response from Grandpa Roy I'll have the backs complete. You'll see what the heck I'm talking about. I got a sweet Cano in, my 5th auto of his, and you'll see it soon. Here is the final review for 2009 UD Philadelphia, gonna be hard to beat my great mid term performances! My final average in Spanish was 100! BooYah! Anyway, here goes:

Design: The design is very original, but you have to look back at the greatness of the old school set. There are some nice cards, and Upper Deck did use some nice pictures, so that makes me happy. The inserts are pretty nice, but I do have a small problem with the set. It has 100 short prints. That's a heck of a lot. 25 or 30 of whatever amount it was of stupid Obama inserts is NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU COMPLETE THE STUPID SET!!!! (By the way, this is pretty funny. Brian Bruney of the Nationals makes more money than Obama, but President Obama has more cards). I like the Woodstock inserts and I don't mind all the others, but I am sick of Obama cards. He's nothing but a celebrity, the way people are treating him. I'm not saying anything bad politically, but it feels like George Clooney is our President, the way they make him look. He's done a lot of work and I don't even follow politics, so I'm not knocking on the guy. Remember though, he's a President, not Brad Pitt. I love how the set has on card autos, there's a big plus. Design Grade: B+

Price: Another awesome deal here. For 40 bucks on Blowout Cards, you can get about close to half the base set, about 3 quarters of a short 200 card set of veterans. You also get 2 game used of solid players and an on card autograph. Being that Jerricho Cotchery may be the worst auto in the checklist benefits me. They don't sell really well but none of us are here to sell. We are here to see some great cards join our collection. With the chance of a buyback card, it adds more fun and suspense to the product. Price Grade: A+

Hits: Well, as I said, 2 game used of solid players and a nice on card autograph are guaranteed per box, and with a chance of an original card (I got a Hall of Famer, woo!!!!) from an original Philadelphia set is great. You get all that for the price of 2 blasters. Upper Deck really hit the jackpot on this set! Hits Grade: A-

Overall: Like I just said, Upper Deck definitely hit the jackpot on this set! I have seen some great cards come out of it, and they definitely proved us collectors wrong, the ones who thought they couldn't make a football set to save their life! For the price and the amount of hits it's a great deal, and I'm very happy my dad got me the box! I may trade the buyback to Beardy but I'm still thinking about it because it's such a cool card. Sure, it would be better off in his collection, but I would like to get a Jets one. Titans maybe even. No, not Tennessee. New York! Thanks Upper Deck for putting out such a solid release, definitely will consider buying more of it in the future. Overall Grade: A

Some high praise for a company that is drowning underwater right now in lawsuits! Got a mailday coming next! See Ya!

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