Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wait Till Next Year: The On-Going Saga of Jet's failureness

I hate crying like a baby, or whining like a teenager, but, I am awfully sick and tired of waiting. We have failed to perform when it counts in the past 41 years and counting, and my question is... will we ever get this opportunity again? We have one heck of a head coach, and one heck of a team, but do we have the heart? I really don't think so. We played a heck of a game in the 1st 2 quarters, but after Feely missed 2 field goals and lack of offensive production, it's just another game to add to the list of embarrassments. I'm gonna hate going to school tomorrow, I'm gonna hate it all week. And the press isn't gonna shut up. When you're in New York and are a terrible team turned into a contender, you are going to be looked highly of, and in NY, it's too much. We're gonna be hearing the same garbage throughout the next week. The Jets suck all this and that, firing Rex Ryan, trading Mark Sanchez, and all that other ridiculous stuff that comes out. I'm happy where we got, and I'm happy we did better than the Giants, but after looking forward for a Super Bowl party 2 weeks from today this sucks. We looked too far ahead as usual, and it's really embarrassing to think about. C'mon baseball season!


  1. You had a rookie head coach and a rookie QB - the Jets really had no business winning a Super Bowl this year with that combo, and it's actually pretty amazing that they made the AFC Championship game with such inexperience.

    They are young, and they are only going to get better. Unlike the Glenn Foley/Neil O'Donnell days, these Jets have hope, and will be competitive for years to come. So take heart dude - this year wasn't their year, but next year very well could be.

  2. You should be happy! I agree with the Mooss, give the coach and QB some time to mature into their positions. That doesn't guarantee anything, but at least you know they can win!

  3. I don't follow football much, but even I had heard about the Jets story and tuned in to watch today's game.

    I was rooting for them and was happy when they were dominating until nearly the end of the first half. I love underdogs.

    Isn't this a team that overachieved?

    I know if my Orioles made it to the playoffs next season I'd be friggin' psyched no matter what happened.

  4. I've got to agree with the others. That was one heck of a playoff run from a team with a rookie QB and head coach. Right now, the Jets are at their best when they are able to use Sanchez in limited spots, but when he begins to carry and lead the team like other elite QBs, the Jets will probably be back.


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