Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 Topps Chrome Box Break Review- Part 2 The Grades

2009 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, finishing up the final part of my box break reviews, then after a post of trades and new cards tomorrow, I should be set for Saturday. I already filled my needs out on there so I'll be ready to go! Anyway, finishing up the grading, here goes:

Design: The 2009 Topps base design was simple yet terrific, and it certainly does not disappoint in the Chromey version. The design is cool, but I sorta wish they had a clear foil covering coating the cards so they wouldn't be so thumb print attracted. Wouldn't you agree? They chose some great base card photos too so it isn't boring (aka 2006/2007/2008 Topps). The refractors look great, and I am in love with the colored border parallels. They are sweet! One rule, I need to have at least one of those blue borders at all time, gotta get the Cano and then I'll trade the other 2 I pulled, Roberts & Kinsler. Anyway, I love the design and will most definitely try to build this set. Design Grade: A

Price: The price is pretty solid I most say. Around 50 to 60 bucks you'll see for this product, for 2 rookie autos and some greatly designed cards. Certainly worth it for the fun, and although they don't have a great rookie class, you can get a few decent rookie autos, like the AL Rookie of the Year, Andrew Bailey, or Nolan Reimold. Price Grade: A

Hits: Well, I consider the Gold WBC Fu-Te-Ni, and the 2 blues as the hits of the box, cuz these autos didn't do much for me. Will Venable & Trevor Crowe are some pretty brutal pulls. I'm pretty sure that Venable had some un-signed autos when it first came out so I wonder if that card had to be sent back for the signature. I don't know to be honest. There are certainly some better autos in the set but not much better. This is the one down side to the set, hopefully they do on card autos next year so we can hope for a better rookie class. Hits Grade: C

Overall: This is not a set for collectors that look for the big mojo hit, this is a product for those middle class guys, the guys that don't go all out like me, and still get some awesome cards in the process. I was pretty happy with the box, I actually opened it while Grandpa Roy came over for a little while a few days after Christmas. I think Topps did another great job with this set, and I give it a thumbs up! Overall Grade: B+

Thanks for reading, and comment with your opinions! But for now, later!

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