Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today's the Day!

Hey everyone, Drew back here. As you read this I will probably be heading on my way down to White Plains with my dad and my friend Mike to attend the "East Coast National"! This will be my 3rd straight year of going to the biggest show in the area, and hopefully, I think I'm coming prepared this time. Granted I've went to a lot of shows at the County Center but this show is typically bigger than the rest. I will meet 4 players, rounding up in about $190 of autograph guests. Yes, I'm ridiculous, but hey, better do what you love doing while you're young!

So I'll leave the surprise going until I get back so you can see my new additions to the collection, and I'll give you all the review just like I did last time, in the order of how it happened. I've been super excited for this all summer, and here we go!

See Ya!


  1. Hope you have a blast. Wish I could go!!!! Find some cool stuff to show off!

  2. Have a blast, Drew!

    Quite envious of the quantity of shows up there. William and I live down here in the hobby doldrums.......

    Good luck and happy hunting - I am thinking another addition to the core 4 might be in order?


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