Monday, August 10, 2009

Who was brave enough to vote for Matt Cain?

Man, this poll is just a bit lop-sided! 17 votes so far, 16 for Tim Lincecum over Matt Cain! So you guys don't know the stats behind it!

Matt Cain: 12-4 Record, 2.44 ERA, 124 K

Tim Lincecum: 12-3 Record, 2.20 ERA, 198 K

So, Lincecum does have better stats and I would have voted for him too but he has only dominated 1 out of the 3 major categories of pitching! I can't believe it's been THIS lop-sided!

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  1. Not surprised by the lopsided-ness. I get to watch these two pitch twice a week and I feel blessed. I hope the Giants are able to lock them up to long term contracts for years to come.

    Tim Lincecum's share price is the highest on OneSeason's MLB Market, ahead of Pujols, AROD, Wright, etc. Pretty impressive stuff I tell you!


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