Friday, August 14, 2009

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Hey guys, Drew back here, with big news. As Marie from A Cardboard Problem brought this up, it gave me some motivation! I'm going to White Plains tomorrow for a Card Show!!! This is the 1st I've been to in around 2 years, I had a place I used to go to, but the owner retired so it stopped! My dad tells me White Plains has big shows, and I'm really looking forward to it. I will get to meet 2 guys. There names are Bill and Al, and thanks to Bad Wax's free weekend signings post, I know whose autos I'm getting for free!

Here (as reported by chemgod) is the lineup for players signing at the shows!

Today: Gene "The Stick" Michael
Tomorrow (I'm seeing these guys!): Al Oliver, Bill Madlock
Sunday: Frank Howard

Sweet! I think I'll look for some of their cards I own tonight, and maybe I'll get a ROLB for them to both sign! Speaking of these, please tell me how this one costs so much!

Card wise, I think I'll try to get some of the Yankee rookie cards I need, fill some sets, and get some other good Yankee stuff! I've had some success at these shows, one of them got me a favorite player, Brian Bruney! Hopefully this turns out to be great, which it will! Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll come back with some nice stuff. To end this all off, I'll show the players (with me) pictures in the past! (Remember, these are from 2 years ago!)

1: Brain Bruney and Me
2: Roy White and Me

*** UPDATE THIS SHOW IS BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT!!! It is the East Coast National, with over 300 tables, and 7 retired players will be there tomorrow!***

Al Oliver
Bill Madlock
Cecil Fielder
Dave Parker
Orlando Cepeda
Steve Carlton
Dave Winfield

Some of them charge huge amounts of money, ahem, Dave Winfield. Well, at least I'll be able to see them! Wish me luck!

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  1. Al Oliver and Bill Madlock were two of the best hitters of the 1970s. It would be great to meet them. Have a good time!


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