Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update Stuffs

Hey guys, here's the gameplan for August:

- First off, I bought an 8 x 10 unsigned of Yogi Berra, and I will send out to him TTM before its too late. He normally charges, but I figure I can write a nice letter saying I'm 13 and get out of it. If that works out without any charge, I might send out to Whitey Ford and Don Larsen, I don't know.

- I bought another Bruney autograph off eBay yesterday, should be coming soon.

- I am probably going to get a box or 2 off blowout (probably 1 09 A&G) this month.

- I am going to Maine and the Adirondacks this month (later near school), and in Maine there is a nice card shop I'll go to where I first learned about the hobby.

- Hopefully I'll get the TTM back from Nick Swisher, and hopefully I'll get some of the 2 worst products of the year, Icons and X.

That's it!

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