Thursday, August 27, 2009

The newest contributor to the Custom Card Blog!

Hey guys I am now a contributor on the "Custom Card Blog", hosted by chemgod of Bad Wax! That doesn't mean I am not posting on this blog, because I am not going to be really consistent on the other one. Here are some links that have been pretty dead so far and need a bump:

2009 drewscards Awards
We need many more voters! Send me an email to to vote for your favorites!

The latest Grandpa Roy Question?
3 incorrect votes so far, get em right guys!

The BCHOF Card # 6
Only 1 vote for the next card? Please leave a comment stating the card you think belongs next in the Baseball Card Hall of Fame!

And a few blogs that need to be checked out! Brand new to the business!

Cardboard Heaven


Baseball Card Hot Spot

Thanks for reading, and please check their blogs out! See Ya

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