Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day I'll never forget (Part 2)

Hey guys, here's part 2 of my unforgettable day! Hey it looks like someone else went!


So, I was looking around the giant cathedral that is the Westchester County Center, and saw some sweet stuff! Examples:

Nice stuff huh! Well, I bought some packs too, and here is the breakdown:

2 Packs of 2009 Topps Chrome (chromey!)
-Derek Jeter (mine, all mine)
-David Freese RC
-Mark Buehrle
-Aramis Ramirez
-Jake Peavy
-Tim Hudson
-Kosuke Fukudome WBC Insert
-Max Ramirez WBC Insert
Any pictures are available, picture of main highlights coming soon!

1 Pack of 2009 Topps Magic Football
-Michael Bush
-Marcus Griffin
-Chris "Beanie" Wells (sweet card!)
-Marc Bulger Mini
-Jeremy Maclin All American Insert
-Justin Fargas
-Winston Justice
-Drew Henson
Any pics are available again, any cards are negotiable

1 Pack of 2009 UD Piece of History
-CC Sabathia (mine)
-Justin Verlander
-Aramis Ramirez
-U.S. Constitution Historical Moment
-Mike Hinckley RC
-18th Amendment Historical Moment
-Stadium Scenes Chris Carpenter Blue Insert #ed 868/999
All cards but the CC are for trade

1 Pack of 2009 Topps Football
-Tashard Choice
-Chris Cooley
-Austin Collie RC
-Alphonso Smith Jr. RC
-Jason Peters
-Josh Cribbs
-Jason Witten
-Shawne Merriman
-Calvin Pace Gold Insert #ed 127/2009 (sick card!)
-Kyle Orton Toppstown (yeah, he's on the Broncos here)
All cards except the Pace are tradeable, but I probably would like to keep them.

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