Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I got Cereal!

Hey guys, Drew back here, after going to stores preparing for school all day, I went to a card shop and Modells, and I picked up a Topps Series 2 Lou Gehrig Cereal box at Mo's and a pack of 09 Allen & Ginter at the shop. First up is the Allen & Ginter pack:

Roy Oswalt (235) Need it
Jason Motte RC (157 I think) Need it
Chien Ming Wang (27) Have it, For trade
Carl Crawford (251) Have it, for trade
A.J. Burnett (312) Have it, for trade
David Price Baseball Sketch (AGHS21) Need it
Johnny Damon Regular Mini (136) I'd rather keep it but if you really need it for a set I'll trade it
Dice-K National Pride (NP51 or 52, sorry, don't have the numbers with me)

Here are some pics:

The cereal box was a bargain indeed. I followed the word of collectors and bought it using a gift card at Modells, a Gehrig just cuz. I'll just list the notables, if you need anything just let me know, I'm not sure if I'll have what you need or not, but I have a good selection, here's some pictures of my favorites:

My favorite base of the bunch. Just a cool shot of Sheff. I also pulled a Swisher & Cano for the Yankees collection.

Lovely, the future of Yankee shortstops


Double, for trade, just holla

You want it? You got it!

And the big hit I was expecting was a.........

Gold Lou Gehrig!!!!

That is a beauty in every sort of the word. This was a great deal, I got only 5 or 6 doubles, and I was overall very impressed. Go Topps! See Ya!

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