Monday, August 31, 2009

Mail and battle wounds!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Last night I went to a friend's airsoft gun party, my 3rd so far. I don't have a gun yet so I'm borrowing other kids guns and they all suck so I'm basically screwed. I got shot 3 times, one swiped me and barely hit me on the shirt, and the other 2 was an accident. I was behind a huge hay bail and he was slowly moving up. Me with my $5 pistol I borrowed occasionally put a shot up and then he came around the corner, shot me in the stomach and accidentally pulled the trigger again and shot me right smack on the cheek. I'm left with these 2 nasty huge welts and scrapes all over my legs. Tough blow

Anyway, I got some mail in today courtesy of Chris from Baseball Card Nirvana. He is a new blogger, so make him feel happy and subscribe to his blog! We recently made a trade, after he left a comment saying he had cards I needed for my Allen & Ginter set. I sent off a few Cubs cards to him and when I got my package I got these:

I didn't know he would do this, so apparently I owe him a package! That is a beautiful baseball card, one of my favorites, I'm pretty sure my mom's favorite too. Plus 4 cards I needed for the set, I couldn't ask for more! Thanks Chris, and See Ya!

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