Friday, August 7, 2009

The Answer to last question!

Hey guys, Drew back here with the answer to last question. Here is the question first off:

I hit a homerun in my very first at bat in the major leagues. My career was spent playing for 9 different teams appearing in almost 1100 games but I never hit another homer. Still I managed to make the Hall of Fame Who am I?

The Answer is Hall of Fame Pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm

Wilhelm hit a homerun in his 1st at bat in the majors. He played for the Giants, Cardinals, Indians, Orioles, White Sox, Angels, Braves, Cubs, and Dodgers and appeared in 1070 games but never hit another home run. He managed to make the Hall of Fame though, in 1983, and went in to the Hall with the Giants. He can see his career stats here.

So, since 4 bloggers emailed the answer to me I will randomize them on right now so someone gets a point (I want this to be a tight race, so only one point is awarded) I put them in order to start of when they answered it:

Dan (The Other World)
mmosely (Stats on the Back)
MattR (A Giant Blog)

I will randomize this 10 times, here we go:

The final order:
  1. Matt R
  2. mmosely
  3. Dan
  4. Hackenbush
Congrats Matt R! Great job by all of you, so everyone else gets 1/2 a point credited to them! Keep it up!

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