Sunday, August 9, 2009

Come on, vote!!!!

Hey guys, in order to elect the 2nd card into the BCHOF (baseball card hall of fame), I need 3 votes on 1 card. 4 votes on totally opposite cards isn't gonna cut it. Come on, what do you think is the 2nd greatest baseball card of all time? Honus is #1 in case you didn't know, who's #2!

Anyway, Grandpa Roy and I are thinking of ways to make questions that won't make you look them up to find the answer. Next time we post with that, please try to name them off the top of your head! I can't control but that would really be good!

The Yankees are now 5 1/2 up on Boston and I can't be more happy! Well, you all know already because of ESPN (the Yankees show)

Stupid ESPN columnists jerks! How dare you call me fat & nerdy, NOT COOL LUKAS!!! Paul Lukas
Hey chicks, this amazingly non-nerdy columnist is single! You obviously would want him!

I won the 30 Year Old Cardboard Contest with a spot on guess of 137 total runs scored in yesterdays games. So I win 10 packs of 1989 Topps and 3 autographs of all stars (1 being the Moose!) Thanks for the contest!

Lastly, to William from foul bunt, glad to see the cards come on all in one piece. Sorry about the Hill Beardy! Next time I pull an O I'll trade with you. That sound good? Hopefully!

See Ya!

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  1. I vote for the Mantle. Now for card number 3, its a more recent card, but very influential, I believe... how about 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey, Jr.?


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