Monday, July 26, 2010

LCS Packs- Got a Hit!

Hey guys, Drew back here, with some packs I got for my birthday. I bought the 2 packs of Chicle at the card store yesterday and then my dad got the other 4 packs earlier. We'll start with 2010 Allen & Ginter.

2010 Allen & Ginter (PACK 1)
- Wade Davis RC
- Issac Newton (scary looking card)
- Joe Mauer
- Aaron Cook (does anyone care about this guy?)
- Josh Thole RC
- Brad Lidge SP
- Matt Holliday Black Bordered Mini
- Jake Peavy This Day in History

2010 Allen & Ginter (PACK 2)
- Wandy Rodriguez
- Brandon Webb
- Kurt Suzuki
- Jimmy Rollins
- David Price
- Hideki Matsui Baseball Sketches
- Shen Kuo World's Wordsmiths Mini
- Alex Rodriguez This Day in History

2010 National Chicle (PACK 1)
- Rick Porcello
- Mike Cameron
- Joey Votto
- Buster Posey RC (nice, going into my collection)
- Kosuke Fukudome National Chicle Back
- Ubaldo Jimenez
- Bobby Abreu
- Evan Longoria

2010 National Chicle (PACK 2)
- Gordon Beckham
- J.A. Happ (what happened to this guy?)
- Alfonso Soriano
- Tommy Hanson
- Eric Young Jr. RC SP
- Brian McCann
- Joel Pineiro
- Carlton Fisk

2009 Goodwin Champions (PACK 1)
- James Shields
- Laird Hamilton
- Bo Jackson
- Jorge Posada Mini
- Alexander Ovechkin

2009 Goodwin Champions (PACK 2)
- Matt Garza
- Aaron Rowand SP Mini
- Carlos Lee Relic (very off centered, not a good pull)
- Prince Fielder

Not terrible, but not too bad. All are for trade except the Yankees, some A&G base that I may need, and the Buster Posey. See Ya!


  1. I'm interested in the Shen Kou mini and the Matt Holiday mini if they're still available. I'll look around for what I've got to trade and over an e-mail.

  2. Drew,
    I've never traded with anybody before and I was wondering how you do it.

  3. Ok so basically, Mr. Anonymous guy, you email someone telling them you're interested in something or have something they may want. After working out a trade you send the cards to each other in the mail in bubble mailers. Thats basically it.


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