Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grandpa Roy Column!

Hey guys, Drew back here, once again. Boy it's been a while since I've posted more than once in a day, and since I had the day free to relax, I figured why not catch myself up a bit. Anyways, I just got off the phone with Grandpa Roy, and I got a new question from him to ask you all. Check it out:

Yankees fan favorite and legend Derek Jeter recently passed 3,000 hits, becoming the 28th player to ever do so. He also is one of 11 of these members who has never won a batting title in their career. Who are the other 10?

1: Derek Jeter
2: Craig Biggio
3: Eddie Murray
4: Rickey Henderson
5: Paul Molitor
6: Robin Yount
7: Rafael Palmeiro

Most of you know the drill as always, please only guess 1 player every 24 hours to give more people a chance, and try your hardest to not use any informational websites through guessing this. Good luck to everyone, and See Ya!


  1. I'll guess Clemente. Good question dude!

  2. Rickey Henderson, maybe?

  3. Alright, so far everyone is correct, except, Joe, Roberto Clemente won I think 3 batting titles in his career. Good guess though!

  4. Molitor was runner up a few times but I don't think he won one.

  5. Really? Wow, I need to read some more books. haha


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