Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Best Thing to do when you are in an argument with a company is...

Buy more of their product?

Hey guys, Drew back here, and yes, I bought 2 more packs of Upper Deck last Monday while I was getting supplies at the card shop, although it was a day after I pulled this disaster. Hey, what are the odds of it happening again anyway? Well, no hits needed in these 2 packs for some awesome inserts! Here are some highlights:

Yes, Pujols is a highlight, no matter what, and is my favorite non-Yankee I've seen so far out of this set. Kinda easy to beat. 2 more terrible star rookies, actually, Davis is ok. The Checklists look better this year than last, and I'm really happy Team Leaders is gone, but does anybody wanna trade me the Yankee one?

More Biography. Still not sure if I like these or not. Kinda cool that we got the Supreme Court Justice caught in pinstripes on a card, that's a PC one. I like the Griffey one a lot and the Hamilton is cool too. Does anybody care about Jason Kendall?

I like this Celebrity Predictor the most, especially because of Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, being on it. Anyone else a big Coldplay fan? My friend saw them in concert, and he said they were good. They always sound terrible at those award shows, but they're all heavily drunk so that's probably why. The Helton is ok, I do really hate those Portraits cards.

Awesome! 2 nice Yankees, including Joe D and Mark Teixeira. This is my 1st Pure Heat and it's pretty cool looking, although it could look even better I bet. I like Heroes a ton, probably in my top 3 favorite Upper Deck releases, and this card is awesome. I want more of these DiMaggio's, pretty sure there are a few cards of his in the set.

Well, Upper Deck made me happy with those 2 Yankees, but will they be able to do something about my Jermaine Dye game used card back card?

TO BE CONTINUED.............


  1. What don't you like about those Portraits inserts? I think that's the only good thing about UD this year.. Heh.

  2. I like that Helton Portrait but some of the others are ehh. When it comes to the biography inserts, the fronts are kinda boring but if you flip them over the skinny picture along the left edge is cool looking. If you take a bunch and fan them out so that the picture along the left edge on each shows, they look really cool. I love photography and UD still takes the cake when it comes to quality photos that are well placed on the card, with very nice printing quality. I think I've only seen 3 or 4 2010 UD cards out of the 70 that I have that I thought could have been better placed on the card.

  3. Also, I think the celebrity predictors inserts are hillarious, how they have the perforations down the middle, so when the couple breaks up you just rip it in half. lol


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