Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey guys, Drew back here, and we have a new card entering the Baseball Card Hall of Fame. It was really close, but this card ended up winning:
1980 Topps Rickey Henderson

This famous rookie card featured a young Rickey Henderson, who actually debuted in the majors in 1979 but this card made one year later became his rookie card. Topps was the only "big" company that produced cards during this time, so this was Rickey's only rookie card. John commented and told me this part, thanks again. This is the last Hall of Famer that only has one rookie card. Nobody will EVER have one rookie card again, due to Topps, Bowman, Upper Deck, Panini/Donruss, and all of the other companies that make rookie cards. I would be shocked to see only 1 rookie card for a big name player. So, given that, this is a collector's favorite, and it has been very popular from the day it made it's way into packs to today. I want to get this card, and it is highly possible, because it sells for about $20-$50, and when graded, more. The card will leave a lasting impact on the game of baseball and the hobby, especially after Rickey went into the Hall of Fame, just last year.

So that's it, Rickey is a no doubt Hall of Famer. But will be card #9 in the BCHOF? Leave a comment stating which card you would like to enter the Hall next. Remember, the 1st card to get 3 votes in the comments is in! See Ya!

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