Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pointless Pieces of Cardboard

Hey guys, Drew back here. Check Out my Cards is a great website, and you should all check it out (if you don't buy Canos, unless they're for me, hahaha). This is a great site to examine the idiots throughout our card-o-sphere who sell things for WAY too much money, and also to show some cards that never should've been made in the first place. This is hopefully going to take off as a new category on the blog and here is the 1st post. Here we go:

Card: Anthony Gonzalez 2009 Donruss Rookies & Stars Relic Card
Price: $500.00
Why is this criticized?: How on earth is this card worth $500? Is this some sort of super de dooper short print or something? Anthony Gonzalez barely played last year, and this seller thinks he/she could sell it for $500? That's insane, here's a comparable card, and instead of buying that rip off you could buy something like this, this AND this, all for LESS than $500.

Card: Cal Ripken Jr./John Riggins 2008 Donruss Sports Legends Dual Autograph /25
Price: $150.00
Why is this criticized?: This has nothing to do with the seller and price, this just is a pointless card. Why would Donruss put players that have nothing in common on the same card? This also has nothing against the players, but I saw this and I was like, that is an insanely stupid card right there. Some cards just make me wonder. Maybe they do have something in common, so if they do please let me know, but it has no signs on the back saying anything about why they are paired up on the same card. I could make a whole series of these cards with Ballpark Collection.

Card: 2008 Topps Campaign Al Gore Graded Gem Mint 10
Price: $999.99
Why is this criticized?: Let me start by saying, I HATE AL GORE. If you have no clue who he is, he's the guy that runs around telling people the sky is falling, not to be confused with Chicken Little. Anyway, back to the card. Why is this $1,000? I would never pay that kind of money for anything to do with this guy. If this is too steep a price for you, check out this auction. You can get a card of a person who IS HELPING OUR COUNTRY graded 9 for uh, a few bucks! But if you do drop that kind of money, be sure to buy this card here, only $175 more, instead of that disaster above you.

I hope I don't sound like a pessimist, but yeah, nothing against Check out My Cards as a website, only against some sellers, and some cards that have no purpose of being on this Earth, a waste of paper as Al Gore would say. See Ya!


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  2. Do you have a real reason to hate Al Gore? That's pretty extreme. I'd like to know your reasoning.

  3. Easy explanations here...

    1. The Gonzalez relic is a relic of the Shroud of Turin.
    2. The Riggins/Ripken exists because they shared the same babysitter growing up.
    3. Al Gore killed my dog.

  4. Ripken-Riggins: They both males... both white... and both hall of famers.

    Overpriced cards: My guess is that these people take the site literally and just want to show off their collection. All of the cards I have on COMC are cards that I purchased, but I haven't had them shipped to me. I put them all at book price and will eventually have them shipped out. Until then, if someone wants to pay me full book.. so be it. Can you guess how many cards I've sold so far? LOL - None!

  5. Listen I went a little harsh on Gore Roy but the easiest way for me to answer this is that he put our world into fear, and the whole Global Warming thing is a total conspiracy in my opinion.

  6. Ok. Well, I study global climate change for a living, and just get a little uneasy with Al Gore being the face of our science, when he isn't even a scientist, he is a politician. He is a sensationalist, and does go over the top, but the data he sources is accurate, and at this point indisputable. Long Island, NYC and Hong Kong are not going to sink into the ocean, but climate IS changing.

    Anyways, I'm not trying to call you out or anything, but before calling it a conspiracy, look into the evidence. It's there.

    But hey, pitchers and catcher report TOMORROW!

  7. I have a connection for Riggins/Ripken.

    Ripken won the 1983 AL MVP award and Riggins won the 1983 NFL Bert Bell NFL Player of the Year award.

    Does that work?


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