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2010 Topps Box Break Recap Part 1

Hey guys, Drew back here. I finally got around to scanning my box, and here is Part 1 of the review. This box was ordered from Blowout Cards, my favorite online resource for buying boxes, check it out if you haven't before. Best prices on the planet no doubt (sorry DA). Here is the Product Information, although most of you guys can tell me all this in your sleep.

36 Packs Per Box
10 Cards Per Pack
360 Cards Per Box
1 ToppsTown Card Per Pack
4 First Class Ticket to ToppsTown Cards Per Box
12 Regular Cards Your Mom Threw Out Inserts Per Box
1 Original Back Card Your Mom Threw Out Insert Per Box
9 Legendary Lineage Inserts Per Box
9 Turkey Red Inserts Per Box
9 Peak Performance Inserts Per Box
6 History of the Game Inserts Per Box
6 Tales of the Game Inserts Per Box
5 When They Were Young Inserts Per Box
6 Million Card Giveaway Codes Per Box
6 Gold Parallels Numbered To 2010
1 "Hit" Per Box, (not including the chance at
silk parallels, black borders)

The 1st set of 3 flagships that Topps put out contains the first 330 cards in the base set, and features several different inserts, including the Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Tales of the Game, History of the Game, Legendary Lineage, ToppsTown, Peak Performance, When They Were Young, Turkey Red and more. The chase cards are Cut Autographs of Heroes of the Sport, Silk Cards numbered to 50, Black Bordered Base Variations numbered to 59, and Jumbo Patch cards. Most likely you will pull a jersey card of a decent player, but I'll get to all that in Post Part 2. Without further adieu, let's break my box!


Base Set: 252/330

The new base design is a favorite of mine, Topps went kind of retro-ish on the design, and the huge logos were used to shove the license into Upper Deck's faces. I like! This Prince Fielder card is the best card in the set no doubt, what a cool and funny picture. I really like Prince, he has a big future in baseball.

Base Doubles: 9 (more on that in another coming post)


ToppsTown: 25/25

ToppsTown Doubles: 7 (more on that in another post)

First Class Ticket To ToppsTown: 4/25

- Ryan Howard (FCTTT13)
- Kevin Youkilis (FCTTT16)
- Todd Helton (FCTTT17)
- Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones (FCTTT20)

Turkey Red: 9/50

- Albert Pujols (TR4)
- Justin Upton (TR6)
- Tommy Hanson (TR8)
- Josh Johnson (TR9)
- Jonathan Papelbon (TR10)
- Derrek Lee (TR17)
- Cal Ripken Jr. (TR19)
- Mel Ott (TR31)
- Evan Longoria (TR41)

Peak Performance: 9/50

- Honus Wagner (PP-3)
- Walter Johnson (PP-4)
- Bob Gibson (PP-9)
- Vladimir Guerrero (PP-16)
- Jimmie Foxx (PP-21)
- Chase Utley (PP-25)
- Dizzy Dean (PP-36)
- Hanley Ramirez (PP-37)
- Rogers Hornsby (PP-46)

Legendary Lineage: 9/25

- Ty Cobb/Curtis Granderson (LL5)
- Jimmie Foxx/Manny Ramirez (LL6)
- Tris Speaker/Grady Sizemore (LL8)
- Reggie Jackson/Adam Dunn (LL13)
- Stan Musial/Albert Pujols (LL16)
- Hank Greenberg/Ryan Braun (LL21)
- Jackie Robinson/Matt Kemp (LL23)
- Tom Seaver/Roy Halladay (LL25)
- Dennis Eckersley/Mariano Rivera (LL26)

When They Were Young: 5/18

- Alex Rodriguez (WTWY-AR)
- Charlie Morton (WTWY-CM)
- Cody Ross (WTWY-CR)
- Clint Sammons (WTWY-CS)
- Daniel McCutchen (WTWY-DM)

History of the Game: 6/25

- First MLB Game (HOTG2)
- AL Elevated to MLB (HOTG4)
- Giants & Dodgers Move to California (HOTG17)
- Roger Maris (HOTG18)
- Nolan Ryan's 7th No Hitter (HOTG22)
- First MLB Game in Japan Played (HOTG25)

Tales of the Game: 6/25

- Ty Cobb (TOG-1)
- Babe Ruth (TOG-3)
- Ernie Banks (TOG-6)
- Wade Boggs (TOG-17)
- Cal Ripken Jr. (TOG-19)
- Derek Jeter (TOG-20)

The Cards My Mom Threw Out: 12/58

- Mickey Mantle (1952 Design, CMT-1)
- Carl Yastrzemski (1960 Design, CMT-9)
- Willie McCovey (1967 Design, CMT-16)
- Mickey Mantle (1968 Design, CMT-17)
- Tom Seaver (1972 Design, CMT-21)
- Reggie Jackson (1977 Design, CMT-26)
- Ryne Sandberg (1983 Design, CMT-32)
- Tony Gwynn (1986 Design, CMT-35)
- Chipper Jones (1991 Design, CMT-40)
- Derek Jeter (1993 Design, CMT-42)
- Alfonso Soriano (2004 Design, CMT-53)
- Alex Gordon (2006 Design, CMT-55)

The Cards That My Mom Threw Out Original Back: 1/50

Million Card Giveaway Code Cards: 6
Unlocked Cards on this Post

Gold Base Parallels /2010: 6/330

- Casey Blake (74) 651/2010
- Kevin Correia (112) 1462/2010
- Reid Gorecki (129) 1308/2010
- Carlos Carrasco (164) 127/2010
- Hideki Matsui (185) 706/2010
- Juan Rivera (226) 15/2010

Game Used Relic:

- Brian McCann #PPR-BM

Well, that's it, nothing spectacular but a nice break, I love the inserts but just TOO many, it took me forever to post that. So, Part 2, the grading is tomorrow, the part where I go give you my overall perspective of the product. Stay tuned for that, and See Ya!

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