Monday, February 15, 2010

My 3 Unlocked Cards

Well... it took absolutely forever because the server was impossible to reach, but I got my 3 cards I had to redeem. Since I didn't nearly finish my box break yet, I'll have more to redeem, but I'd figure I'd share what I got. Apparently you have to pay to get these shipped to you, so at the end of the year I might do the ones I want. Here are the cards I unlocked, and yeah, I might trade for Yankees.

1973 Mike Ryan:

1974 Randy Moffitt:

1987 Wade Boggs:

Overall I'm happy with what I got, especially happy since I didn't get any 80's, 90's or 00's scrubs. Getting 2 old school cards and a Boggs was a nice treat for me. I may keep the Boggs unless you throw me a card I want more, the other 2 are for trade too, but since I don't have them in hand, it'll be online. I'm also planning on gathering all my cards for the set into 1 package at the end of the year, if I want it or not. Topps did a pretty cool thing, and I'm impressed on how it has ran so far, except for the delays and traffic. See Ya!


  1. Not too bad, you absolutely could've done worse, as we can see on other blogs. That's what I like the best about this promotion you can get anywhere form good to okay to bad to absolutely lousy.

  2. nice cards! Im surprised they gave some cool 70s stuff! How much is it to get them sent to you?

  3. Very nice lot! I was happy with mine too. :)

  4. Nice, I redeemed one code today and got a '73 topps as well, mine is of Jack's at least kind of cool.

  5. I didn't get any Yankees to trade for the Phillies catcher....maybe later!


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