Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Someone Put Me Out!

Cuz I'm on Fire! (please note that nothing in this post is true, except Jerry)

Thanks a lot Jerry for passing me over while I was in flames, he had to go play baseball and screw up Andy Pettitte's Hall of Fame career! I could have made that play!

8 innings in, no hits, but then he gave up an error and a homer.

Congrats Andy! Jerry go in garbage bag and dump bananas on him!

This is where we found Jerry after the game:

Again, congrats Andy!

And Swish

I like that picture

See Ya!


  1. I was so glad the Orioles let Hairston go in favor of starting Brian Roberts every day. Hairston was the starting 2B, then was traded to the Cubs to make room for Roberts and give him the starting job. Seems like forever ago. One of the best decisions ever made. Oh, Drew, thought I'd let you know- I HATE THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I know, and you know I thought I'd let you know, I HATE THE ORIOLES, just cuz u hate da Yanks! Very strange sentence, oh no, school's coming! NO!


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