Saturday, September 19, 2009

I know, you're sick of me posting about what's in my mailbox but...

You're gonna have to read (and or watch) it. Today I got 2 packages, both WERE expected, thank god. The first one was an eBay purchase I made of 3 2008 Goudey Short Prints that I got dirt cheap, here is a very mini list:

205- Carlton Fisk (I already have this one, if you want it and have a different Goudey short print I need, please please please tell me)
211- Al Kaline
223- Whitey Ford (This card got me into purchasing this lot, awesome card!)

The second package was a trade I made with the Collective Troll, one of our fellow great bloggers! We made an ENORMOUS trade, I sent him 50 Rays cards, a numbered B.J. Upton and a bat card for about 80 cards he sent me, either Allen & Ginter I needed or Yankees stuff, a great variety. Thanks dude! Here is my video of these cards:

Please don't mind the music, rap is a love/hate genre and I like it, but I do also like rock, some pop, and R&B/Soul (at least thats what iTunes calls it).

By the way, The Collective Troll gets a 1/2 point each for the contest for these cards:
- 2009 Allen & Ginter Nick Swisher SP (.5)
- 2009 O-Pee-Chee Cano (.5)
- 2007 Topps Opening Day Cano (.5)
- 2008 Topps Swisher (.5)
- 2007 Upper Deck Cano (.5)
- 2007 Fleer Cano (.5)
- 2009 Allen & Ginter Cano National Pride (.5)

3 and a half points on the scoreboard! Keep it up Troll! If you have any Cano or Swisher cards for trade, 1/2 a point will be awarded to each card for our contest!

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  1. Hey Drew, Glad you liked them, I will watch the video really soon. Unless you object, I will send any and all Yankees cards that I pull in the future. I already have a few more Swisher cards for you. Happy Collecting!


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