Monday, September 14, 2009


Come on guys, not much time left to vote for another end of the year award, best Youtuber of the year. Here are your choices if you are unfamiliar:

The Backstop Dot Net: These guys own the Craziest Live Sports Show on the Web!!! They have a store by the New Jersey shore and they do monthly pack battles that you can go to to have fun. On top of that they often post box breaks opened by people who come into the store! They are a lot of fun and you should definitely watch these guys. Some recommended videos made by this group are:
The Missing Shirt Playlist (A 5 episode series that soon is coming back) This is a link to the 1st video in the group, check out the account to view more, or their new website,

Jawdy's Basement: This guy recently made the move from Utah to South Jersey, and seems like a good guy. He did a few group breaks in the past and has opened plenty of boxes for the public to see. He features his son, who also owns a Youtube channel, Number1Dragonoid, and he entertains us all, especially when they pull their beloved Phillies cards! Here are some recommended videos made by these guys:
2 Cuts in 1 Box!!!
2009 Topps Hobby Box Recap
By the way, he also has a blog, but it hasn't been updated in a few months, hopefully we could urge him back into blogging! Here is a link to his (and JoshSamBob's, a fellow Youtuber) blog!

Stale Gum: Of course, the very famous box breaker and junk wax buster, one of our own, the man that invented the way to say Mojo and not sound like a kid that just finished watching Pokemon! Don't forget to catch him live on Blog TV tomorrow night! Here's to you Chris Harris, "Real Man of Genius..." !!! Here are some great videos made by this mastermind!:
The First Video of his epic Allen & Ginter Box Break (make sure to watch all 4 parts!)
They're all great! Watch em all! I can't pick
And heres a link to his blog!

chri5784: These guys, Chris, Tattoo, and all of the others down in the Carolinas at Cards Infinity know how to impress the collectors! Daily box breaks, boxes they open for the people that order on their site, Cards Infinity! Today, they came out with the first released box break of the new Goodwin Champions, so they are the head of the game, on top of all of the box breaks. Plus they are really fast breaks and never disappoint! Check out some of their videos:
Intro Sort of Thing
Over 1300 Videos! Very hard to choose so I'll let you pick!

BobGibsonFan: This guy just opened a card shop and does constant great box breaks. Every day check him out, typically at least 1 box a day. Plus Babe Ruth's have been pulled and the box Jawdy bought that contained 2 Cuts in it! So, check this new guy out, definitely my Rookie of the Year youtuber, so check this guy's great videos out!:
On the Phone with Fernando from Upper Deck!
Nice 2006 Topps Sterling Box!
Tour of the Shop

TomtheRipper407: He knows how to make sports cards cool, using fun and cool effects to make his videos shine! He makes many trips to his card shop and opens packs and boxes of new cards, while using awesome effects and so much to enjoy! Here are some recommended videos of his:
Revelution against Obama! JD Manning
Rippin': 2009 Allen & Ginter

If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment in this post, thanks for viewing, and pick your fave! See Ya!

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