Sunday, September 20, 2009

Question: What part of Goodwin Champions do you hate the most?

A: 20th Anniversary Kindling
B: The Thin Cheap Card Stock
C: Bad Hits
D: Bad Checklist
E: Being a fan of Allen & Ginters makes this set worse

I say all 5, pick 1! Not sure what the worst part is, there are a few. I think if you combine this list you make a pretty ugly product. I'm very disappointed in it although I haven't touched 1 card yet. See ya!


  1. I got three 20th anniversary cards in 5 packs so I'm going to go with A. It wouldn't be that bad if there were more than 4 cards in a retail pack. Pulling a card commemorating the $100 a barrel oil that depleted my savings right before I got laid off was probably the worst though.

  2. Wow, where to begin? I haven't bought a pack of anything this year, but I'll go with C. This hits drive the price point, and when they suck they mean you blew your cash!

  3. Definitely A. Aside from that, I love Goodwin Champions. A&G uses better card stock but Godwin Images are FANTASTIC.

  4. A i hate those cards.... i bought two boxes and almost every pack had one in them.... upper Deck please stop it with those cards already.....


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